Win Oxford International Film Festival tickets!

The second edition of the Oxford International Film Festival is nearly upon us! 

The festival will take place over a three day weekend from the 5th to the 7th of May at the celebrated Phoenix Picturehouse in the heart of Jericho... just around the corner from the Rickety.

The kind folks at the festival have given us some tickets to give away, so make sure you're following the Rickety on Twitter and keep an eye out in the days leading up to the festival for your opportunity to win! 

Common People tickets + afterparty at the Rusty!

Attention Oxford: Common People tickets are now on sale at the Rusty Bicycle! Just ask at the bar to purchase yours. Common People is a grand weekend out in South Park from the creators of Bestival, with a fabulous line up this year – check it out here.

To top it all off, we're hosting an after party at the Rusty on both the Saturday AND Sunday evening. Join us for pizza and live DJs from 10pm until late late late... 

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th May.

Drag yourself out of bed by noon, get 25% off brunch

We've been feeling a little guilty* lately about how many hangovers we may or may not have been responsible for over the years, so we've decided to give a little something back to those of you who are suffering the morning after the night before.

We all know the best way to beat a hangover is with brunch**... so members of our HANGOVER CLUB now get 25% off brunch before noon on Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holiday Mondays.  

How do I join this wonderful, wonderful club? we hear you ask. Well, it's simple: just enter your email address in the signup form; you'll get a confirmation email from us. Show your confirmation email at the bar to collect your card, and voila! You're in the club.

Now all you have to do is drag yourself out of bed before noon...


*Not at all guilty.

**Trust us, if a bottomless Bloody Mary and a Boss Man (that's Kelmscott sausage + dry cured bacon + black pud + portobello mushroom + roast tomato + beans + hash browns + sourdough toast + eggs) doesn't sort you out, nothing will.


Our new spring menu is nearly here!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's great that the weather is warming up and it's no longer dark at 4pm every evening and there are beautiful flowers blooming everywhere, but we all know the most exciting thing about spring is our NEW MENU. 

Yep, that's right. NEW MENU!

Look out for fresh additions to our selection of burgers, pizzas, bowls and sides, from the Cobb salad (roast free range chicken, avocado, smoked bacon, gorgonzola, egg, tomato, lettuce + green goddess dressing) to our twist on the classic Hawaiian pizza, featuring San Marzano tomatoes, fior di latte, honey roast ham, charred pineapple, jalapeño + basil.

Check it out – available from the 11th April at all Dodo pubs:

Cheltenham Jazz Fest at the Bottle of Sauce

Every year Cheltenham plays host to one of the country's best-loved jazz festivals – including an eclectic mix of more than 90 free performances in streets, pubs, and clubs all over town.

As you know, we never miss a chance for a knees-up, especially if food, booze, and outstanding live music feature, and we're getting into the spirit of things with two major (free!) events at the Bottle of Sauce over the festival weekend...

FRIDAY 28TH APRIL: Join us for DJs, red hot live jazz and prohibition swing until the early hours! Featuring the legendary Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band at 9pm – not to be missed if you know what's good for you...

SATURDAY 29TH APRIL: Our epic NOLA House Party kicks off at 12pm, with jazz, blues and booze flowing all day and all night.

The line up includes Mr Wilson's Second Liners, Kansas Smitty's House Band, a DJ set from Cat in the Hat, plus secret pop up acts throughout the day. We'll also be serving up delicious po'boys, with a special New Orleans cocktail menu.

We can't think of a better way to spend your early May bank holiday weekend, frankly!

Entry on both days is FREE, but note that once we're at capacity it's strictly one in, one out, so make sure you arrive early.

What we're listening to this month...

SO... we were going to record a DJ set from our epic Gold Cup Blowout party in Cheltenham last month and post it here for all to hear.

However, we were having so much fun on the night that we totally forgot.

So instead, we're just going to share a set we love by Netherlands-based DJ and producer Bas Roos. This guy is Leo's absolute favourite DJ at the moment and well worth a listen.

Pop your headphones in, press play, and enjoy.

p.s. if you're a DJ and you want to play at the Bottle of Sauce, upload a set to SoundCloud and tag us on social media so we can have a listen!

Dodo delivered to your door. Hurrah!

Are you too hungover to make it to the pub? Too tired? Too busy? Are you stuck at home waiting for a package? Are you out of groceries? Is the weather awful? Are you just really, really lazy?

(Don't worry, we've all been there...) 

Well, good news: starting this April you can get any Dodo pizza (plus fries and wings) deliveroo'd right to your door.

Order from the Rusty Bicycle HERE.

Order from the Rickety Press HERE.

Order from the Bottle of Sauce HERE.

Mayday, Mayday!

May morning is a bit of an institution in Oxford. The choir singing at dawn from Magdalen tower, the hordes of Morris dancers, the music, the crowds, that guy who dresses up as a giant tree every year... and who doesn't love an excuse to have a pint at 9am?

This year, start the celebrations out right with a Mayday warmup on Sunday 30th April – we've got live DJs at the Rusty and the Rickety from 9pm-late. Then recover with a fortifying Mayday brunch at your Dodo pub of choice from 10am - 3pm on Monday the 1st May. Sorted!

An Easter egg hunt, Dodo style (yes, you can win beer)

Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt – especially when there are prizes involved?

To celebrate Easter Sunday this year, we're sending our Dodo elves out into the wilds of Oxford and Cheltenham to hide golden eggs in both cities.

All you have to do is find one and bring it in to one of our pubs to claim your reward of choice: a stylish Dodo t-shirt, a main meal, or, of course, a growler of refreshing beer.

How will you know where to look? Just make sure you're following your favourite pub on Twitter, because we'll be releasing clues as to the whereabouts of the golden eggs throughout the day... 

It all kicks off the morning of Sunday 16th April! Remember to follow us on Twitter, or you'll miss all the clues...

Follow the Bottle of Sauce: @bottleofsauceGL

Follow the Rickety Press: @ricketypress

Follow the Rusty Bicycle: @rustybicycle

The Dodo Burger Story

Last month we shared the story of Dodo Pizza. In the early days of Dodo, owners Chris and Leo were locked in a heated debate over what the world’s best beer food is. As you now know, Chris backed the burger, while Leo’s passion for pizza led to a eureka moment in Naples.

We’ve been proudly serving our Neapolitan pizzas ever since. But that, of course, is only one half of the bigger Dodo food picture. We’ve done a lot of research* and we’ve come to the conclusion that both pizzas and burgers deserve prime position on the beer food podium – and therefore on our menu. It’s a fact of life: sometimes you just can’t beat a burger and beer with good company.

We've spent years honing our recipe, and we grind all of our burgers in house. This is extremely important to us. We do it so that we know exactly what goes into them – there’s nothing in our burgers that shouldn’t be there. It also means that we’re allowed to serve them pink, the way they should be served. And we use a secret ratio of 28-day aged chuck and rib to ensure our burgers are double tasty. 

Our pursuit of absolute burger perfection isn’t over – even now we’re making tweaks and learning new tricks. But we’ve figured a few things out over the years, and what you see on the menu nowadays is just what we think a burger should be: honest, delicious, and crying out to be consumed with a pint or two.

Want to put our burgers to the test? Drop in to any of the pubs on a Monday and grab one for half price!

*Yes, by “research” we mean eating many burgers and drinking a lot of beer.

Cheltenham Festival 14 - 17 March

It's our first ever Cheltenham Festival, and we're celebrating in style at the Bottle of Sauce. From hearty breakfasts to our big Gold Cup Blow Out, we're getting into the spirit of the finest racing event of the year, with events on all week – we'll set you up for a long day at the racecourse and then party with you all through the night.

Everything you need to know to plan your race week is here:


Tuesday 14 - Friday 17 March
Hearty breakfasts that'll set you up for a long day of... err, racing! Served 8AM - 11AM every morning. That's the menu to the left there...


Thursday 16 March
Get yourself in the mood for Cheltenham's biggest day of the year with live DJs 6PM - late. Pair with our POP UP GUINNESS BAR for a perfect pre-Paddy's Day experience.


Friday 17 March
Wanna party? (We know, what a silly question). Get yourself down to the Bottle for live DJs back to back all night long. From 90s hip hop to funky house and disco, we've got something to get everyone going. 5PM - 3AM.


POP UP GUINNESS BAR the courtyard every evening from 5pm.
Get your fill of the black stuff all week without having to wait all night for a pint!

Oooh, another flash sale at the Rickety Press!


Yep, that's right... our January Flash Sales party at the Rickety Press was such a success that we've decided to make it a regular thing! On the last Friday of every month we'll be celebrating the weekend with live DJs + announcing extraordinary flash deals on food and booze throughout the night. Keep your eyes peeled to grab some superb bargains...

Next on: Friday 31st March, The Rickety Press, Jericho

Mother's Day Brunch

We've got you covered this Mother's Day. Mums eat brunch for free at all Dodo pubs on Sunday 26th March – so show your mum how much you appreciate her by treating her to a delicious brunch... or, if you're a mum yourself, take full advantage of your status and enjoy your free meal. It's a win-win!

Brunchtime, Sunday 26th March, at all three pubs.

The Dodo Pizza Story

It all started with a simple question: what’s the best beer food in the world?

Back in the day, when the Rusty Bicycle was still finding its feet, owners Chris and Leo were stuck in a seemingly endless debate over the best food to serve alongside our pints.

In one corner there was Chris, backing the burger.

In the other was Leo, punting for pizza.

Both are inherently casual and social foods, which is something we love. They may occasionally warrant the use of a knife, but don’t demand the fuss of cutlery or stuffy highbrow conversation. In short, both are perfectly suited to the task at hand: accompanying a delicious cold brew. 

So, locked in a stalemate, we did what anyone would do. We set about perfecting both.


You may have noticed, but not all pizzas are created equal, and the perfect recipe remained somewhat elusive for the first few months. It wasn’t until Leo found himself in Italy, tucking into a pizza in the backstreets of Naples, that he realized he had found what he was looking for…

Done right, Neapolitan pizza is the unbeatable godfather of all pizzas. It epitomizes the delicious simplicity of Italian cuisine and, when made with the correct care and skill, can be mind-blowingly good. 

Leo was convinced: Dodo pizza had to be Neapolitan in style.

Of course, bringing Neapolitan pizza to a little pub in the heart of East Oxford wasn’t a straightforward undertaking. It took years of experimentation to nail our recipe, and we’re still working on replicating that perfect slice, first tasted amidst the bustle of Naples.

Over time, though, we’ve established some basic rules for our own perfect pizza. We call them the Holy Trinity. You know how fire requires oxygen, heat, and fuel to ignite? Well, our trinity is like that: remove one of the ingredients and you may as well give up and go home – you’ll just have some bread with tomato and cheese on top, and who wants that? 

So, we hear you saying, what is the Holy Trinity?

>We use Caputo Blue Flour, milled in Naples to make our slow levitation dough.

>We use San Marzano tomatoes, grown in the ashy soil of Mount Vesuvius. Sun + volcanic soil = seriously tasty tomatoes.

>We use Fior di Latte – a mild, sumptuous cow’s milk mozzarella made in the style of a traditional buffalo mozzarella*.

Our dough is made from just four ingredients – flour, salt, yeast, and water. Once risen (for no less than 48 hours) we blast cook our pizzas at 400c to lock flavour and moisture into the crust
Sounds simple, doesn’t it? That’s the beauty of Dodo pizza. It’s a little like alchemy, a seemingly magical transformation of ingredients. There’s no great mystery here though, just years of hard work, but you guys don’t care about that – all that matters is how it tastes, so why not grab a pint and a pizza next time you're in?

*We apologise for alarming the vegans: we also do a cheese-free Vegan Mary pizza

Get your 6 Nations fix

Rugby fans, rejoice! The 2017 6 Nations championship is about to get underway, and we'll be showing every match of the tournament at all three pubs. Plus, to really get you in the mood, we're offering 3-pint growlers for just £10 during England matches...

Plan your visits:

Saturday 4th February

14:25 Scotland v Ireland

16:50 England v France

Sunday 5th February

14:00 Italy v Wales

Saturday 11th February 

14:25 Italy v Ireland

16:50 Wales v England

Sunday 12th February

15:00 France v Scotland

Saturday 25th February

14:25 Scotland v Wales

16:50 Ireland v France

Sunday 26th February

15:00 England v Italy

Friday 10th March

20:00 Wales v Ireland

Saturday 11th March

13:30 Italy v France

16:00 England v Scotland

Saturday 18th March

12:30 Scotland v Italy

14:45 France v Wales

17:00 Ireland v England

Dirty pancake day

Yes, those are eggs on our pancakes, what of it?

Yes, those are eggs on our pancakes, what of it?

This year Shrove Tuesday, better known as PANCAKE DAY, is getting a revamp. We're going all out and putting our own Dodo spin on the humble pancake. If it really is the last day of gluttony before lent, why hold back? Expect truly indulgent, fluffy American-style pancakes with some outrageous(ly delicious) toppings, served at all three pubs. We're drooling already.

Join us to salute the dirty pancake: Tuesday 28th March.

Love is in the air! Get 2 pizzas, a bottle + a side for £30

Valentine's Day isn't just for cheesy cards, bad chocolates, and awkward dates, it's about celebrating love of all kinds (ideally with a drink or two, if you ask us).

So whether you're a hopeless romantic or a resolute cynic, we've got the perfect offer for you this 14th of Feb: come into any of the pubs and get two pizzas, a bottle of house wine, and a side for just £30. Bring your soulmate, your mum, your grandad, your best mate or your dog and share the pizza love. (And hey, if you just want two pizzas and a bottle of wine to yourself, we won't judge...)

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Tuesday 14th February, unsurprisingly.

Happy birthday, Rusty Bicycle

Once again our little pub has shown it can throw one hell of a party. Condolences to those who didn't come – you missed a corker, with live music from Robin Bennett, Sian Lloyd-Jones, Ags Connolly, Loud Mountains, and Little Mammoths, compéring by the inimitable George Chopping, dancing, drinking, and general merriment. Oh, and cake, of course.

Thanks to everyone who came out to help us mark the occasion – we couldn't be more chuffed to be celebrating our eighth year in this wonderful community. 

It's the Rusty's 8th birthday! There will be cake.


Can you believe it? Our own little Rusty Bicycle, where it all began, has now been an East Oxford institution for eight years.

As with all big dates, we think a party is in order, so we’re drafting in old musical friends to play the evening away while all you lovely loyal locals help us mark the occasion with cake and beer. 

Saturday 28th January, 4pm till late. Free entry, including live music (and, of course, birthday cake!)